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The Guide for speaking English confidently and advocating for your career advancement

In this guide, I share the framework that I used to help hundreds of learners build their English-speaking confidence in order to advocate for themselves to advance their careers.

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Exclusive Free Super Masterclass

Elevate your English

The ultimate masterclass to learn how to leverage confidence to become a fluent English speaker from an experienced ESLteacher. 

In this class I cover:


1.The top 5 things that are holding you back from accomplishing your English speaking goals. 


2. The 3 things that my students do to boost their confidence and become fluent in English so that they never feel embarrassed, unheard, or unable to express their true-self again.

3. The 4 part framework that will help you start shifting your English skills from your current level to fluency. 

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The blueprint: For bringing culturally responsive teaching into your classroom

This blueprint walks you through the strategies that I  use in my linguistically and culturally diverse classroom to create a classroom culture that is inclusive.


These strategies have allowed me to teach speakers of other languages and cultures without affirming inferiority or superiority complexes, by allowing learners to demonstrate their skills and abilities despite barriers.