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Everything you need to gain confidence in your speaking abilities

I took everything I've learned working in International and multicultural work environments for the past 5 years that has allowed me to speak up confidently to advocate for my career advancement and put it all into an easy-to-follow condensed, self-guided workbook, and intensive class 2h30 minutes class. 

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Learn the exact tools and strategies that I used to negotiate a $10,000 salary raise after I had accepted the initial offer, and to effectively use culturally responsive teaching in my classroom!

Do you........

Work in an international/multicultural office, or workplace?
Feel like your speaking skills are holding you back from getting jobs, promotions, clients, and students?
Feel like, or know that you should be getting paid more for the work that you do?
Work with students that have a different race, class, gender, or language than you?
That's where I come in

If you have been following me for some time then you know that it's not just non-native English speakers who lack confidence in their speaking abilities, but native English speakers too. That is because developing confidence in speaking is a lot more complex than whether one is a native English speaker or not.

That is how I found myself underpaid and overworked, and underemployed when I started my career.  But even worse, I saw my students who were disadvantaged by their English speaking abilities falling between the cracks in the educational system, and not getting the support they so desperately.


I lacked the confidence to speak up even when I knew what I was talking about and failed to express that to my colleagues, and bosses because I wasn't sure if I was understanding them correctly. I would code switch to change my accent when I went on job interviews believing that it gave me a better chance to get the job. I never felt that I could express my true self as my colleagues seemed to be able to do, nor could I talk about all the topics that they would without doubting myself. Due to my insecurities, I was not able to help my students in the most important ways that they needed help to become confident and fluent English speakers themselves. 


Fastforward 5 years, and now I don't hesitate to speak up in my own voice anywhere, or about anything. 

So, what's the secret?


Knowledge, experience, and practice. I now have a much better understanding of the complexities that kept me silent, and insecure about my speaking abilities. Now I can speak up and negotiate my contract without fear. Now I can speak up and demonstrate how knowledgeable, creative, and capable I am of getting the job done. Now I have strategies and tactics to speak up in the workplace in order to advance my career. In addition, I enjoy a classroom that is a safe space for non-native and non-standard English speakers.


These same strategies I now am able to share with other professionals that lack confidence in their speaking abilities and strategy to advocate for themselves in a new culture, and the teachers that find themselves in linguistically and culturally diverse classrooms teaching speakers of other languages. 

What you will get

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Self-study Workbook

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VIP Day: English Confidence and Strategy Session

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Discover the guide that I used to gain confidence in my speaking abilities to advocate for the advance my career, and to create a safe learning space for my linguistically and culturally diverse students, and to help other non-standard/non-native English speakers and the teachers of them do the same!

This guide gives you the knowledge you need to gain confidence in your speaking abilities, including strategy activities for you to get experience and practice applying that knowledge.  


I give a crash course in what I learned that gave me the confidence to move to a foreign country and become one of the highest-paid teachers in the school.

I tell you what you need to know to become a confident English speaker and get that promotion, negotiate a higher salary, build respectful and reciprocal relationships with your clients, students, and colleagues.


I help you see language and culture in the way that I have learned to see it after 5 years of working in international/multicultural environments and bring that awareness into your own classroom to coach your linguistically diverse students to success.

Using these strategies I've been able to:

Negotiated a $10,000 increase in my salary.

Get my dream job without before I had the certifications and degrees that are generally required for the job.

Become one of the highest-paid teachers at an international language school in a foreign country.

Created a classroom environment that is inclusive and a safe space for students of linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds. 

Are you ready to get real confidence?


Keshwand Kuniyal

You are amazing teacher, you have this kind of Skills But many people Just show off their Instagram bio but Literally they do not Speak English too but you are the one who can speak and write it you are doing great job  I pray for god your promotions in school.

Babita Shukla

I would really like to thank you for your continuous efforts of teaching for your followers and students. You are so dedicated to your work just because of your this attitude I never avoid your any post and topic because you do all this to teach us something. You techniques of teaching are so interesting whatever it is your post, group chat, topics of the day, your stories with all this techniques a busy person can continue learning with you, this is the best part of your teaching thank. 

Martina Marampon

you are a great teacher, patient and supportive. Your energy is helpful to work do always better than before.

There is an atmosphere of friendship, more than the relationship teacher/student as could be at school or in other classrooms.

And as the theory says: people learn better when they forget they are studying, you are doing so because that learning seems a sort of "game". You are doing very well!

So thank you for your great job!

Harshita Pursnani

I just love this way of teaching it's so cool and easy going in this way everyone can learn certain new things and praticse grammar and writing skills as well love this way as we become more aware of ourselves also because of the topic you choose.

Carmen Monasterios

I found the right person in my journey to becoming in a fluent english speaker. Thank you Tea, for your tips and great stile of education.

Roleplay and feedback give her system be unique.

I hope it works for you!